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The Skin and Face Place has a duty to be open and honest with patients when something goes wrong with their treatment or care.

In order to minimise the risk of something going wrong the owners will fully discuss the proposed treatment, explain the risks and provide information as to whether the risk occurs often or a very low risk of complication. Patients will also be offered an alternative treatment and the risks of this will also be explained.

In the event that something goes wrong with a patient treated at the Skin and Face Place at the time of treatment or as a result of treatment the owners will;

Tell the patient something has gone wrong and discuss what has happened; this will be discussed as soon as possible after it is clear something has gone wrong and all information regarding what has happened and why and what the expected consequences are will be discussed.

Apologise to the patient that something has gone wrong: when apologising to the patient the owners will give the patient the information they want or need in a way that they understand; the information will be given sensitively and in private

Explain and discuss the long and short term effects of what has happened. Where possible offer a solution to rectify the problem; if it is not possible for the practitioner to provide a solution the patient will be referred to a fellow professional for consultation and support for both the patient and practitioner

The owners at the Skin and Face Place have a duty to report incidents whereby something has gone wrong with a patient’s treatment. Following an incident, the owners will report the incident to each other and offer support by discussing and reflecting on the incident and discussing and devising a plan where appropriate of future care for the patient.

If the incident is as a result of an adverse drug reaction or a medical device this will be reported to the MHRA using the yellow card system. The date, time and nature of the incident will be documented in the patient’s notes.



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Scottish Patient Safety Programme;