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New Cellular Treatment Factor

The New Cellular Treatment Factor smooths fine lines, deeply nourishes the skin, restores radiance and increases the density of skin.   It creates the perfect environment to re boost fibroblasts, which are in charge of producing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


What Is It Used To Treat?

NCTF can be used for skin rejuvenation and prevention or curative measures.

    • Reduces fine lines in the neck or décolletage
    • Reduces sun spots on hands
    • Targets hair restoration
    • Reduces pores size
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
    • Reduces the appearance of dark spots
    • Dark circles

Ultimately if you are looking to improve the over all look of your skin, NCTF is the answer.

What Can I Expect During The Treatment?

Your practitioner will analyse your skin and answer any questions you may have.    They will then cleanse the area thoroughly before the solution is injected to a perfect 0.6mm depth, creating the perfect papule.


What Does It Feel Like?

It is nearly pain free.    The needle is super thin and doesn’t go right into the skin, most clients say it’s painless but everyone has a different pain threshold.


What Can I Expect After The Treatment?

After the treatment your skin maybe slightly red and tender.    After 24 hours you will notice your skin is brighter and tighter.


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